Why Uatter Investments

Why Invest with Uatter Investments?

Why Invest with Uatter Investments?

Uatter, pronounced as “Wa-ter” , was founded by Jeremy Steele with the purpose of acquiring hotels in the right locations and then repositioning them for their highest and best use that will produce the highest cashflow. As water flows it creates life and so, as real estate assets like hotels produce more cashflow, it brings life to the communities and the employment to thousands of people in those communities.

Highly Selective & Conservative Underwriting

We are highly selective in the projects we work on. We don't invest unless the project can make at least a 30% Internal Rate of Return. Why? Because anything less and we subject our money and that of our investors to too much risk. If apartment cap rates decompress by 50-100 basis points, projects with less than 30% IRR will likely result in investor losses.

Buying in the Right Location

Because of our scale and strategic joint venture partners, we can buy hotels and apartments across the United States. We focus on tier 1 and 2 cities with growing population, diversified and growing employment base and declining crime rate. We also analyze the availability of demand drivers to ensure we can increase both occupancy and rents (ADR for hotels).

Backed by Hotel Investing Experience

We are backed by extensive hotel investing experience by virtue of our partners, hotel operators and advisors. As a group we have over $1.5B worth of hotels under ownership and management.
$ 3000 B
Hotel Keys Owned & Managed
0 %
Internal Rate of Return

Our Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jeremy Francisco Steele

Jeremy Francisco Steele

Mr. Steele's analytical mind (from his engineering background), combined with his entrepreneurial experience managing $500M for a $2.7B business group in capital expenditures for a Fortune 500 company, has positioned Uatter Investments as a force to reckon with in the hotel industry.
Michael Ealy

Michael Ealy

Real Estate Strategist
Mr. Michael Ealy, real estate mogul whose group owns and manages $1.5B worth of hotels (he personally owns 4 hotels and is building a $110M hotel/condo development project in Sarasota FL) was so impressed by Mr Steele that he agreed to become Mr Steele's advisor.

Interested in Investing in Hotels?

Our Track Record

Experience: Over 5,000 hotel keys worth over $1.5 BILLION – are being managed by our hotel operator-partner

Expertise: value-add and turning non-performing hotels into money-making assets

Most Recent Successes

We aim to get projects with a minimum IRR of 30%.

How do we get extremely profitable projects?

We get off-market hotel and apartment deals and we implement our value-add strategies cost-effectively.

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